Traveling by Air

Direct to Laramie (LAR)

Fifteen minutes from the UW Convention Center, the Laramie Regional Airport (LAR) is one stop away from Denver International Airport.

via Denver International Airport (DEN)

DEN is the most common airport for travel to Laramie, due to its proximity (2h from Laramie) and because of the large number of airlines that travel there directly.

Traveling from Denver

Denver is about two hours from Laramie by car, and there are several attractions in Denver and Fort Collins (1 hr from Laramie) that visitors to the area will enjoy.

Groome Transportation is a shuttle service that connects Denver International Airport (and surrounding areas) with Fort Collins (CO), Cheyenne (WY), and Laramie. If used as a connection from Denver International Airport, shuttle reservations must be made in advance. We recommend making such arrangements at least two weeks before arriving in DEN.